Earth 300.
On a Mission.

We need to protect it. To nurture it and keep in in balance.
The next three decades are crucial. The next three decades, critical.

Earth 300.
On a Mission.

The Vessel

Our ambition for Earth 300 was fearless from the start: we wanted to build the Olympic Torch of global science, to expand our knowledge and understanding of the universe, both above and below the ocean’s surface.

The result is a collaborative, next-generation platform for state-of-the-art science at sea. Our radical design – iconic, intelligent, aesthetically-pleasing – is intentional. It’s a 300-metre fabrication of the future. The 13-storey Science Sphere and cantilevered Observation Deck are the most obvious and eye-catching examples.

The most audacious vessel the world has ever seen.

Carbon Free

One hundred percent emission free.

We have a choice of what kind of difference we want to make in the world. One of the choices we need to make is to become carbon free. We’ve found a way to get there.

It’s called the Molten Salt Reactor, a new generation of atomic energy that’s safe, sustainable and 100% emission free. The marine version of the Molten Salt Reactor will be small, with few moving parts, and provides the sustainable, clean energy needed to move ocean transportation into the future. Earth 300 is the first research vessel to be pursuing this revolutionary new technology.


Working together for the world.

Earth 300 represents an unparalleled opportunity for academia and private enterprise to collaborate on the most pressing challenges of our time. We’re bringing 160 of the brightest minds into our Science Sphere and equipping them with a level of technology never before seen on an ocean-going research vessel.

Earth 300 represents an unparalleled opportunity for academia and private enterprise to collaborate on the most pressing challenges of our time.

Science First

Science always.

We believe that scientists deserve to be treated like rock-stars, because they are; they are the ones who are at the frontlines of all discovery and advancement, they invent vaccines and protect our health; they allow us to move humanity forward.

Advanced Capabilities

Sea the future.

Oceans are our future. They are the beating heart of the planet, regulating everything from crops to climate to providing us with every second breath we take.

Our vessel promises to reframe what a floating research laboratory can achieve. The capabilities that our scientists will have at their disposal are exceptional: artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, real time data processing. We will also have the latest quantum computer on board, the first to take to the high seas.


Citizen science.

We are combining exploration with education so that consumers become contributors. The interaction is immediate and constant. Imagine embarking on one of the most exhilarating and meaningful voyages of a lifetime where you’ll witness the cutting edge of science – you’re sitting under the tree with Newton when the apple falls, you’re walking on the moon with Armstrong and Aldrin, you’re holding Galileo’s telescope with one hand and a fine libation with the other. You will create and imagine with some of the most eminent thinkers of the day. You’ll make history.

Next Generation

Future proofing.

We love life and want to ensure that humanity survives the future. It’s why we are representing tomorrow by setting aside berths for some of the world’s most promising young students. We want to inspire and empower the next generation of global leaders to step up and help lead us into the future.