Earth 300 was founded as an
historical environmental initiative
to ring the ecological alarm on
a global scale and inspire a
new brand of planetary vanguard.

Global Warming

Our planet is heating up.

We have seen extreme weather jeopardise the livelihoods of millions of people; when climate assaults cascade and compound they will produce unimaginable forms of violence. The dramatic effects of warming could soon become impossible to ignore.

Current sustainability efforts are well intentioned but small, fragmented, and not as fast as needed. The Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement have shown great global solidarity but much more action is needed as we continue to produce more emissions than ever before.

Our Vision

A 300-year vision that ensures the survival of humanity

Earth 300 was founded to address long term systemic and structural challenges as well as immediate short term problems. 

Be Bold

It's time to wake up.

We need more boldness if we are to address our planet’s urgent needs. We need a new brand of planetary vanguards – ethical leaders who will endorse a new economic vision and make the wellbeing of our planet the priority for all.

We have the most advanced civilisation since the dawn of man. We are today globally connected and have access to the talent, tools and technology to address any significant challenge – what are we waiting for?

We need to ask uncomfortable questions and push unreasonable limits. And there is hope. Global warming is a human invention, pollution has been the price of progress, but we need to quickly reverse the damage and learn how to live in harmony with nature.

Our Mission

We want to address the greatest threats to humanity.

Carbon emissions, pollution, ecosystem degradation, water and food security, global health resilience. We’re going to tackle these problems with a cross-pollination of ideas born from different cultures, different ages and different ways of looking at the world.

What’s needed is a new model for civilization, one that’s forever in tune with nature, guided by its rhythms and respectful of its natural cycles.

“Realise that everything connects to everything else.”​

– Leonardo Da Vinci

“We need to treat the planet as a system,
up until now, we’ve operated more as if the world were made of separate parts – this part is environment, this part is economy. But everything is connected. You can’t fix global warming with a Ph.D. in thermodynamics.”

― Neri Oxman

A Catalyst

But there is hope.

Earth 300 was conceived as a catalyst to inspire an era of ecological imagination. An era that places our ecosystems firmly and unequivocally above our economic systems, an era that positions scientists – who work with facts and not politics – as the ultimate authority, and an era that fosters and fuels the younger generations to become the founders and makers of our future world.

It is by acting together, collectively, leaving no one out, that we can achieve breakthroughs and bring the right solutions quickly to market, ensuring the survival of humanity for generations to come.

Welcome to Earth 300.
Come aboard and help us protect the planet.