Accelerating sustainability.

Companies looking to thrive in the future are putting sustainability and the climate crisis at the centre of their business model. 

Our Vision

A 300-year vision that ensures the survival of humanity

Earth 300 was founded to address long term systemic and structural challenges as well as immediate short term problems. 

Because we want to start working towards solutions immediately, we’ve launched a technologically-advanced sustainability accelerator that supports start-ups with their environmental and economic progress, developing innovative, scalable sustainable businesses and ecosystem management platforms. 

Collaboration Platform

Earth 300 Collaborate

Our collaboration platform is for corporates, startups and organisations who are looking to collaborate and share sustainability intelligence to create new benchmarks for nature-friendly innovation.

Our ambition is to advance the sustainability agenda by getting companies to share expertise and knowhow and support the largest cooperative sustainability initiatives that support the drive to a net zero and post carbon economy.


Earth 300: an accelerator for start-ups.

Earth 300 provides a hi-tech accelerator, with a global platform and a network of leading industry player. and partners, not to mention fundraising support from an aligned network of investors.


Creating meaningful change.

Earth 300 is currently working with two start-ups in its Accelerator programme to help them focus on large-scale, global impact:

Earth 300 and Chipsafer are working together to develop tracking technology that will help monitor environmental conditions across the planet to protect biodiversity and foster ecosystem conservation. 

Earth 300 and WOW are working together with WOW’s proprietary recycling techniques to recycle plastics from schools that can be turned into reusable products.

“Nature is a totally efficient,
self-regenerating system. If we discover the laws that govern it and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.”

- Buckminster Fuller