We’re on a mission.​

There’s a beautiful truth behind the movement to defend nature.
And that’s we’re really defending ourselves.

We are nature. 

New Model

We want to address the greatest threats to humanity.

Carbon emissions, pollution, ecosystem degradation, water and food security, global health resilience. We’re going to tackle these problems with a cross-pollination of ideas born from different cultures, different ages and different ways of looking at the world.

What’s needed is a new model for civilization, one that’s forever in tune with nature, guided by its rhythms and respectful of its natural cycles.

“We need to treat the planet as a system,
up until now, we’ve operated more as if the world were made of separate parts – this part is environment, this part is economy. But everything is connected. You can’t fix global warming with a Ph.D. in thermodynamics.”

― Neri Oxman


We want to learn from nature.

Everything in the natural world is interconnected. We want to bring scientists and students, artists and academics, explorers and entrepreneurs, together to listen, learn and challenge each other.

We want to develop the world’s most diverse, interdisciplinary braintrust. And provide a platform where everyone stands on equal footing and works together to find solutions that can only be realised by tapping into the more creative side of humanity. The more diverse our backgrounds, the more they’ll lead to unexpected perspectives.

Open Source

We want to provide
an open platform for
science and innovation.

There are no closed networks in nature. Everything is open and everything collaborates. It’s why there is no unemployment in nature. We want to open science and research so that we can work together and the world can join in and co-develop solutions that can be quickly scaled and brought to market.