Change powered by people.

The people behind Earth 300 care about the planet because life is precious and earth must be preserved. We are a truly global team and are currently based out of Singapore, London, Barcelona, Milan and Honolulu. We have the passion, dedication and history to move and act quickly.

Board of Directors

Aaron Olivera

Aaron Olivera

Aaron has been an entrepreneur all his life, having experienced working in a myriad of industries; from training and development, to publishing, hospitality, retail and yachting.

Carlos Reyes

Carlos Reyes

Carlos specializes in the development, planning and design of cruise ship projects around the world. He spent ten years at Royal Caribbean International responsible for concept design development, functional analysis, budget, and material selection, as well as coordination with ship builders.

Peter Ellegaard

Peter Ellegaard

Peter has held senior executive positions with the Maersk Group in Denmark, the U.S., China and Singapore. He served as an M&A attorney with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP in New York before moving to Asia in 2010 where he now serving as Earth 300 ‘s General Counsel.

Thomas Martensson

Thomas Martensson

Born entrepreneur with experience leading tech start-ups. Thomas has also been a co-founder, partner and investor in AG Bell Group, Humany, Next House, Delta Group, Centurion and Arctic.

Management Team

Aaron Olivera

Founder | CEO

Aaron Olivera

Founder | CEO

Aaron Olivera has been an entrepreneur all his life, having experienced working in a myriad of industries; from training and development, to publishing, hospitality, retail and yachting. In 2015 Aaron learnt about the urgency and the gravity of the state of our planet and now dedicates himself exclusively to its preservation.

Jean-Jacques Lavigne

Chief Operations Officer

Jean-Jacques Lavigne

Chief Operations Officer

Jean-Jacques (JJ) Lavigne, started his career in consulting and market research in Japan before establishing himself in Singapore, working on several large scale leisure & lifestyle infrastructure projects. JJ was instrumental in transforming the Lion City into a Superyacht hub and destination and co-founded Asia Superyacht Development, a superyacht services firm.

Prita S. Leenheer-Mathur

Chief Marketing, Partnerships & PR Officer

Prita S. Leenheer-Mathur

Chief Marketing, Partnerships & PR Officer

Prita brings over 3 decades of global experience in marketing, partnerships & business development from the corporate, luxury, super yachts and entertainment industry. Hailing from India but having lived in myriad cities across the globe, she is a mother of three eco-warriors from the Green School Bali and is passionate about our planet and in preserving it for future generations!

Victor Zykov

Director of Research

Victor Zykov

Director of Research

Victor builds innovation bridges between academia, industry, and nonprofits. His self-reproducing and self-modelling robots were published in Nature and Science. A Silicon Valley renewable energy startup where he designed a unique wind-power generator was acquired by Google. As a founding Research Director, Victor led Schmidt Ocean Institute through its first decade of science and exploration.

John Merrifield

Chief Creative Officer

John Merrifield

Chief Creative Officer

A lifelong surfer, John has an intimate knowledge of the ocean, in all its wonders and fragility. Over the years, his work has been ground breaking. He’s earned a reputation for doing things that have never been done before. He wants to make a dent and believes that creativity is a persuasive force for positive change.

Jane Koh

HR & Finance Director

Jane Koh

HR & Finance Director

Experienced Finance & HR Director with demonstrated history of working in the family office, retail and tourism industry. Skilled in Group Financial Reporting, Group Treasury, Financial Accounting, Budgeting, Taxation and Human Resource. Strong finance professional with hands-on in setting up finance and hr departments and systems in Singapore.

Ivan Salas Jefferson

Chief Design Officer

Ivan Salas Jefferson

Chief Design Officer

Ivan has been in the yachting industry for two decades, he is a free spirited romanticist idealist, designer, engineer. Above all he is a learner who expands as challenges are resolved. Developing utopian and meaningful feats into reality that enhance human potential and creativity is what drives him.

Cissy Chen

Creative Director

Cissy Chen

Creative Director

Oversees the conceptualization and production of all creative visuals and marketing materials under the EARTH 300 banner. She is passionate about art and design, graduated from Loughborough University UK Visual Communication, as a designer & creative leader with 12+ years experience spanning both advertising and digital agencies in a variety of industries.

Waqās Ahmed

Chief Interdisciplinary Officer

Waqās Ahmed

Chief Interdisciplinary Officer

Waqās is considered a world authority on multidisciplinary thought and practice. He is Founding Faculty at the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) and Visiting Fellow at the Open University Business School, where he explores interdisciplinary approaches to leadership and management. He is also founder of the DaVinci Network and author of The Polymath (Wiley 2019).

Emmanuel Spanoudis

Chief Relationship Officer

Emmanuel Spanoudis

Chief Relationship Officer

Emmanuel Spanoudis is experienced dealing with the highest levels of industry and government, and has extensive relations with the government of Monaco where he represents the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and has been Knighted by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco in the Order of Saint Charles for his efforts.

Cazmir Leenheer

Head of Student Advisory

Cazmir Leenheer

Head of Student Advisory

Cazmir Leenheer is a graduate of the Green School in Bali and was a youth representative at the 2015 Conference of the Parties (COP21) during her gap-year. She has since started a degree in Ethics and Politics which she is currently following at Sciences Po in Paris. Alongside her studies she works as a freelance artist in Ai Weiwei’s studio.

Giulio Ceppi

Head of Systems Design

Giulio Ceppi

Head of Systems Design

Giulio Ceppi, architect, designer, professor. His activities are focused on sensorial design, development of new materials, biomimetics, technologies, and design strategy. Giulio has worked for Domus Academy, Philips Design, and later founded Total Tool Milano. He is also a professor at the Politecnico di Milano.


Surrounded by others
who lift us higher.

If we’re going to take risks, try new things and change humanity’s trajectory, we need to surround ourselves with the kind of people who are obsessed with how much there is to do and how little time there is to do it.  

Core Advisory Group

Sir Michael Culme-Seymour

Emergency, Humanitarian, Supply Chain, Clinical Trials


Martin Yates

Technology, Security

Dell Technologies


Smart Cities

Jonathan Hung

Technology, Space


Michael Silah

Marine Operations

NOAA Corps
United States Navy

Mario F. Kassar

Movie Producer, Financing, Distribution

Rambo Films
Terminator Films
Basic Instinct

Renato Chizzola

Hospitality, Yachting

The World
MY Njord

Christine Amour-Levar

Sustainability, Diversity

HER Planet Earth
Women on a Mission

Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh

Sustainability, Humanitarian

United Nations
Worldview Impact Foundation
Thor Heyerdhal Climate Park

Sarah Begum

Earth, Space Explorer

Spaced Out UK
Amazon Souls

Rob McCallum

Expedition, Oceans

Five Deeps

Damien Leloup

Expedition, Archaeology

RV Calypso
Cousteau Society
Flinders University

Lily Ong

Journalism, Diplomacy

ThinkTech Hawaii

Fiona Macintyre

Consulting, Events

Forming Impact
Necker Island

Michael Eliot Barth

Exploration, Technology

Explorers Club
GNH Partners

Andreas B. Heide

Conservation, Sailing

Barba Boat
Arctic Sense

Beverly Goodman

Science, Sedimentology

University of Haifa
National Geographic

Dominique Rissolo

Science, Archaeology

Wait Foundation

Federico Lauro

Scientist, Deep Sea Microbiology

Mission Microbiome

Victoria Cerrone

Art, Technology

Elite Digital

Francesco Galli Zugaro

Expedition, Cruising

Aqua Expeditions

Oz Lancaster

Design, Interiors

Os Designs
Heads of State

Patrick Desmond

Legal, IP, Trademarks

SCG Chemicals
USG Borals

Karl Wagner

Intelligence, Security

Eastern Sky

Fulvio Dodich

Yachting, Finance

Ferreti Group CEO
Rosetti Chairman

Marco Bevolo

Futures, Design

Philips Design 
ItalDesign Giugiaro
Tilburg University

Yogi Thakker

Media, Aviation, Education


Steve Smolinsky

Strategy, Entrepreneurship

Benari Ltd

Matteo Atti

Aviation, Fashion


Katie Hanson

Sustainability, Health Sciences, Human Performance

Aurita Aurelia

Patrick Bezalel

Art, Photography

Bezalel Gallery

Kurt Arrigo

Photography, Conservation

Rolex Cup
America Cup

Roberto Dutesco

Art, Photography

The Wild Horses of Sable Island

Roman Chiporukha

Expedition, Tourism

Roman & Erica
Space VIP

Daniel Fox

Sustainability, Photography

The Power of NATURE

Ulf Viljanen

Operations, Interiors

ICF Group
Oomph Technology AbOy

Fabrice Schnoller

Science, Oceans

Darewin Project


Mission partners.

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