It’s time for big and bold.

We want to inspire an era of ecological imagination, quickly transforming big thinking into large scale solutions.


A 300-metre platform.

Scheduled to launch in 2025, Earth 300 is equipped with 22 cutting-edge laboratories with 160 of the world’s leading scientists, working in collaboration to bring rapid, far-reaching solutions to market.

At the same time, it offers an open source platform for the global scientific community to take advantage of, as well as providing a backdrop for citizen science and intrepid, meaningful exploration.


The Specs

Earth 300 in numbers.

Length: 300 metres
Width: 46 metres
Height: 60 metres
22 Laboratories
20 VIP Cabins
160 Scientists
20 Experts-in-Residence
20 Students
40 VIP Guests
165 Crew


Where we engage

Energy Independence

Electricity powers livelihoods. We need to create this power from clean, sustainable sources with zero carbon emissions, so that humanity can thrive and enjoy our planet for generations to come.

Water & Food Security

Food security depends on water security, they’re inextricably linked. The world is running out of clean, fresh water to feed and nourish a growing global population and maintain the health of our planet. We need to act now.

Climate Catastrophes

The planet is hotter than it’s ever been in human history. The relatively stable climate that we’ve enjoyed is a thing of the past. Things are going to change even faster and more dramatically in the decades ahead.


Education is essential to mitigating the climate crisis. We need to help people understand and address the impacts of global warming, encourage behavioural change and help them adapt to climate-related trends.

Global Health Resilience

Covid-19 has acted like a stress test on every aspect of life, it has particularly exposed weaknesses in global health systems. It’s important to learn the right lessons with regard to preparedness, capacity and future resilience.

Ocean & Earth Repositories

Earth 300 promises to be an important repository of data and information for planet Earth. We’re providing an open platform for science and innovation that can be accessed on a global scale.


"Absolutely everything needs to be transformed and will be transformed either by the force of climate change, or by the force that we put into avoiding climate change.”

- David Wallace-Wells